The problem of soil erosion for Indian agriculture and how Saferock can help


India suffers from a range of environmental problems that are caused by its unique geographical location and the environment and eco-system that pervade and encroach on the quality of its soils.

Typically, Indian soil quality suffers from soil erosion, fertility loss, water logging, salinity and alkalinity and man-made issues like urbanisation and transport development issues. Whilst Saferock® cannot protect the environment from the ongoing developments that are the result of human interference, our minerals are at the forefront of agricultural sustainability, and are set to provide a natural solution to the global crisis of soil degradation.

Soil erosion is taking a menacing form in India and other countries with a similar topography. It occurs when the gradual removal of top soil by natural agencies like water, wind and animals is left unchecked. The sheer volume of rainfall that occurs in India means that tons of fertile soil gets washed away during monsoon season. Similarly, loose particles of top soil are blown by wind in arid and semi-arid regions of north-western India. According to one estimate about 175 million ha (53% of the country’s total area) land area is affected by the problem of soil erosion. The Chhos of northern Haryana and Punjab and the badlands (ravines) of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are the results of gully erosion in India.

Water erosion is the biggest problem facing the agricultural economy in India, and this is compounded by the tidal waters of the sea causing considerable damage to the soil along the coast. The waves dash against the sea-coast and break hanging cliff rocks. The broken material is then removed by the retreating sea waves. Severe erosion of beaches along the Kerala coast is evidenced by uprooting of coconut trees. This type of sea erosion is seen throughout the eastern and western coasts the country.

What can be done to help?

Our resource, SafeRock® Minerals has been certified for use in organic agriculture as a mineral soil conditioner. The minerals are 100 per cent recoverable with nothing added or taken away in the process. For the soils in India, our minerals would provide a natural solution to help mitigate the global crisis of soil degradation. It also contains many of the minerals and trace elements essential for healthy crops and livestock and helps to stimulate increased microbial and earthworm activity.

The results from the trials have shown that the minerals improved the nutrient efficiency of the soil, and improved the quality and quantity of produce.

We have trialled our product in a mixture of growing conditions, climates and soils across the world, including India and similar climates. These trials have proven better plant growth, water infiltration and retention, increased yield, improved long term soil quality, and reduced loss of nutrients in soil.

With the specific damage caused by soil erosion through water damage and precipitation, our product specifically targets the top layer of the soil and insulates the organic materials and nutrients against erosion.

Indian soil types and increased yield

Saferock Minerals are completely versatile and compatible with any soil type that can be found in the Indian environment. This would mean that produce grown in Alluvium soils, such as wheat, rice, millets, pulses, maize, sugarcane, rubber and jute would flourish and yield would increase significantly.

Black soils which typically see cotton yields would thrive, and Matasi and Dorsa soil would see the paddy fields prosper once more. Over time, the soil would be naturally re-mineralised and the water filtration would work through the clay component of the soil, self-medicating it with the correct nutrition.

Saferock can provide an excellent balance of trace elements and minerals, reducing nutrient lock up and allowing crops the full range of nutrients necessary to maintain good health and vigorous growth.

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