Happy New Year from SafeRock® – Highlights from 2017


As the new year begins, we thought it would be the ideal time to reflect on our recent work and anticipate the progress we will make in the year ahead. Always central to the work that we do, our mission here at SafeRock® is to help create agricultural sustainability alongside a natural solution to soil degradation.

The SafeRock® team have taken a look back over the previous year and chosen a few highlights to share:

Firstly, we opened a distribution network in the Philippines, working with a major fertiliser blender and distributor with countrywide reach, to help local farmers protect their crops and improve yields in a sustainable way. This was a great result for the team and a testament to the power of SafeRock® Minerals.

We are also looking forward to returning to the Philippines later this month to start our field trials with Dole and Del Monte, whose major operations are located in the south of the country.

The team are also delighted that a vast interest in SafeRock® was created across Africa and Asia throughout 2017. We hope this interest will only grow in the coming year as we plan more projects.

It was fantastic to see initial crop trials on okra starting last year too. To follow on this year, we’re thrilled that a prominent sugar cane farmer and processor will be trialling SafeRock® Minerals when the next crop season starts.

Finally, we look forward to visiting various governments, aid organisations and distributors throughout 2018, which is set to be an extremely productive year for SafeRock®.

2017 saw many accomplishments for SafeRock® around the globe. We are eager to continue our work in the same vein in 2018– deepening our existing relationships, expanding our distribution networks and forging new partnerships with companies who are equally committed to help find natural solutions to soil degradation.

The team wishes you all a prosperous 2018.

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